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The Infinite Health System
from Traditional Asian Health Methods

After the age of 20, it is common for environmental factors, poor diet, illnesses and toxic buildup to slowly compound and change the dynamics of the bodyís systems. When any part of the body or organ becomes imbalanced, it gradually affects the harmony of surrounding areas until the entire body is affected. When disharmony dominates , illness may eventually prevail. Illness can have serious repercussions, especially if the body is weak, increasing the rate of aging and shortening life span.

Nature gives you life and nature inevitably takes your life away. You are born, get older and die. It is, however, possible to maintain your health by working with nature on a daily basis to remove blockages in the energy meridian (Keyung Huell or Keyung Lah).

TAHMís beginning level Infinite Health System seminars include specific ďmoving meditationĒ therapy movements (Yu Dong Myung Sang); Moo Doe pressure points; and traditional, natural herbal formulas for external use.

TAHM MovementsThe goal of TAHMís program is improve a personís health. This amalgam of rejuvenating movements, natural herbal formulas and Moo Doe pressure points can vastly help to improve the vitality and health of people at any age, even in their 60ís, 70ís, and even older.

Over the centuries, many East Asian royal families have used this regimen to promote longevity and a superb quality of life. This knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation, and is still used today to treat the East Asian aristocracy. For over a quarter century, hundreds of thousands of individuals in the US alone have achieved lifelong benefits. Their testimonials acclaim the positive rewards of practicing and using the traditional movements, techniques, and treatments that are part of TAHMís Infinite Health System programs.

In recent years, people in this country are increasingly open to alternative methods for improving and maintaining their health. To answer this thirst for knowledge TAHM started teaching the Infinite Health System programs to the American public.

For the first time, the general public has access to this complete program for illness prevention, healing, revitalization, and spiritual wellness, including Yu Dong Myung Sang, traditional herbal formulas and Moo Doe pressure points following the Keyung Huell/Keyung Lah meridian. Everyone now has the opportunity to share in these time proven therapies. Even after just one seminar, participants visibly notice significant improvement to their health, and feel remarkably better. This is more apparent to those in their mid-forties with weak, unbalanced bodies, or in poor health, who unknowingly have significant blockage of the Keyung Huell/Keyung Lah meridian.

TAHM MovementsDaily regular exercise may provide some temporary short-term benefits to some areas of the body, as will sports, music, reading, or vacationing. However, TAHM feels the key to long-term benefits is to balance the entire body by practicing the proper traditional movements with Moo Doe pressure point treatments, and by using the right traditional herb formulas.

Only you can make the right choices to improve your health. The wrong choices can hurt you. Instead of spending time just thinking about your health problems and hoping someone else can improve your health, take action now by making the correct choices for positive change. TAHM, Inc. feels that once you have achieved total body harmony using the Infinite Health System programs, you will be able to not only enjoy a superb quality of life but also live your life to the fullest.